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Sept 24-26, 2013
(Tue - Thurs)
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January 28-30
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TRENDZ Karaoke Party - Sunday, August 7th - 6:30pm – 9:30pm - Bar/Restaurant of the West Palm Beach Marriott

EXHIBITOR Information

Florida Fashion Focus by TRENDZ is...
•a wholesale order-writing show that is open to the trade only.
•an open-booth show presented at the Bradenton Area Convention Center
(previously Manatee Convention Center) in Palmetto, Florida.

Florida Fashion Focus by TRENDZ is a local market organized for the convenience of our Retailers on the West Coast of Florida from Naples to Tarpon Springs during their busy, peak season. 

TRENDZ’ cost-effective exhibitor package offers the following:
• For apparel exhibitors, a quality customized booth that includes hardwall panels at the back of the booth with hanging bars…ready for the exhibitor to hang in upon arrival.
• For accessory exhibitors, a booth setup that provides tables and risers allowing for maximum space utilization.
• A standard equipment package that provides a specified number of tables determined by booth size, chairs, hanging bars or risers, wastebasket, generic booth signage, and electrical service.

Please click the link to download an Exhibitor Package for our
September 24-26 Florida Fashion Focus by TRENDZ show.

Exhibitor Contract Accessory Rep Contract After filling it out completely, you may either fax it with your credit card number for payment or mail the contract and payment to our show office. 
After August 26, 2013 , we will not accept personal or company checks.
Payment must be made by one of the following:
- Cashiers Check
- Money Order
- Credit Card
- Bank Transfer

Fax your contract to: 305-718-4323 / 305-482-9536

Make your payment to: Florida Fashion Focus, Inc.

Mail your contract & payment to:
Florida Fashion Focus, Inc.
1717 N.W. 79 Avenue
Doral, FL 33126

Anyone carrying merchandise out of the exhibit area will be stopped from leaving the hall. Any buyer with merchandise will be required to return the merchandise to the booth from which it came. It can be removed only after the show closes at the end of the day. Any exhibitor that wishes to remove merchandise must first go to the show office to explain the reason for removing the merchandise from his booth and to request a pass for doing so. Passes are also necessary to take merchandise into the show and are acquired from the show office.

Neither buyers nor exhibitors are allowed to photograph any booth except their own. (This rule does not apply to show staff. Show staff periodically use photographs of show participants in promotional material. By virtue of your attendance, you automatically agree to usage of your likeness in promotional material.) Unauthorized photography should be reported to the show office.

To maintain a business-like atmosphere, no carriages, shopping carts, pets or children under the age of 12 permitted in the show. Children under the age of 18 are not issued a “Buyer Badge.”

Florida Fashion Focus by TRENDZ is an order-writing wholesale show open to the trade only. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person other than those individuals approved for entry.

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